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BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTE (classical liquid Goat-Rennet-Paste)

a unique product that you will only find at Hundsbichler

rennet paste is one of the oldest rennet preparations - the active naturals enzymes are not only chymosin and pepsin but also natural lipases which serves in developing spicier tastes. It's use is unlimited - also traditional Austrian Bergkäse is now produced with BioRen Dolce and Feta-type cheeses are now produced with either Semi-Piccante or Piccante. Traditional Italian cheeses made out of cow-milk are often produced with Piccante rennet pastes. The needed quantity goes from 15 to 25 ml for 100 litres of milk, depending on the temperature, pH and the wanted coagulation time. Shelf life is 6 month. One more important information: Shake Well Before Use!

  Order-No Bezeichnung bottle/can price
PA007 PICCANTE (goat) 100 ml EUR 11,52
PA010 PICCANTE (goat) 500 ml EUR 20,88
PA008 PICCANTE (goat) 1 litre EUR 40,03
PA009 PICCANTE (goat) 5 kg EUR 159,60
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To this product we recommend
BioRen Rennet Powder Premium 97P100
pure natural product with a minimum of 97% of chymosin, activity 1:100.000, without preservation. Especially suitable for long ripening cheeses - even after 24 months no development of bitter tastes.

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