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BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTE

a unique product that you will only find at Hundsbichler, activity 1:15.000, 80 % chymosin

BioRen Liquid rennet paste PICCANTE is one of the oldest rennet preparations - the active natural enzymes are not only chymosin and pepsin but also natural lipases which serves in developing spicier tastes. It's use is unlimited - also traditional Austrian Bergkäse is now produced with BioRen Dolce and Feta-type cheeses are now produced with either Semi-Piccante or Piccante. Traditional Italian cheeses made out of cow-milk are often produced with Piccante rennet pastes.

One more important information: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE – as this product tends to un-mix during storage it is necessary to shake well before each use to guarantee the ideal and unique mixture of enzymes. Due to differences in the specific weight, it is absolutely necessary to weigh the desired quantity. BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTE is especially used for all mild flavoured semi hard and hard cheeses where calf-lipase is wanted for the development of the typical ripening flavours.

The dosage quantity is determined by the quantity of milk, the required process parameters (pH, temperature, required coagulation time) and enzyme concentration. BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTE should be stirred into 10 to 20 times of the amount of chlorine free cold water. BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTE should be stored at a dark place at a temperature between 0°C and +7°C. Produced without preservative. Produced according to EU Organic Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007. Approved for the production of organic cheese.

The standard dosage quantity varies between 15 to 30 gr per 100 litres of milk – depending on the individual cheese type.

Order numberDescriptionAmountPrice
80PP150f01BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTEbottle 100 mlEUR 9,60
80PP150f05BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTEbottle 500 mlEUR 17,40
80PP150f1BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTEbottle 1 litreEUR 33,36
80PP150k5BioRen Liquid Rennet Paste PICCANTEcan 5 kgEUR 133,02
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