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BioRen Rennet Powder Premium

activity 1:100.000, 97% of chymosin

pure natural product with a minimum of 97% of chymosin, activity 1:100.000, without preservation. Especially suitable for long ripening cheeses - even after 24 months no development of bitter tastes. BioRen Rennet-Powder Premium 97P100 is our top quality product and it is used in dairies with long ripening hard-cheeses although it is suitable for all types of cheese. But also on the mountains where there might not be a refrigerator for appropriate storage of natural liquid rennet it is very often used. This powder rennet is packed in PP-tins and has a shelf life of at least 12 month.

The dosage quantity is determined by the process parameters (pH, temperature, required coagulation time, enzyme concentration and by the quantity of milk). Dissolve powder with cold chlorine-free water. Store at 0°C to 7°C in a dark place. Produced without preservative. Produced according to EU Organic Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007. Approved for the production of organic cheese.

Needed quantities for coagulation are going from 1,5 to 3 grams per 100 litres of milk.


Order numberDescriptionAmountPrice
97P100d0025BioRen Rennet Powder Premium tin 25 grEUR 7,80
97P100d005BioRen Rennet Powder Premium tin 50 grEUR 14,40
97P100d01BioRen Rennet Powder Premium tin 100 grEUR 26,40
97P100d025BioRen Rennet Powder Premium tin 250 grEUR 49,20
97P100d05BioRen Rennet Powder Premium tin 500 grEUR 74,40
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