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The Austrian company Hundsbichler was founded 1947 in Kufstein / Tyrol. Since these early days we are one a few international acting Rennet producers - worldwide known for the excellent quality of our products.

Hundsbichler delivers today more than 80% of Austrian's Natural Rennet. Our exports are going to Swizzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Syria, Slowenia, the Czech Republic but also to Canada and many other countries in the world.  Cheesemakers who are putting stress on excellent cheese quality, appreciate the high quality of Hundsbichler's Natural Rennet Products.

Nowadays, though the number of the international producers for Natural Rennet is slowly but steadily decreasing year by year, and even though there is a strong trend towards cheep artificial products, Hundsbichler is facing increasing demands from all over the world.

Hundsbichler - Labproduzent aus Tirol

Cheese and Natural Rennet are inseparably. No artificial coagulant can substitute the manifoldness of the natural composition of enzymes - Natural Rennet was designed and developed by nature over thousands of years for one special task: perfect coagulation of milk.

Especially for producers of organic cheese we do have a close collaboration with international institutes to be able to offer 100% guarantied product-quality for these delicate products.

Only Natural Rennet offers this wide manifoldness of the natural enzyme-complexes that guarantee highest possible yield and best possible development of taste and flavour. Because: cannot improve on nature.....

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