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culture for soft-cheese Sacco MS 0.62 CM

this culture is specially suitable for all kinds of soft cheeses and semi-hard cheeses

All Sacco cultures are frieze-dried direct starter culture. The culture addition takes place without any further reproduction in the yoghurt milk. Preliminary dissolution of the culture in a small container with milk is also possible. The milk should already be heated to 22-37°C ° C. Waiting time: 30-45 min.

The cultures must be stored in the freezer at -18° C. Opened packages should be stored well closed in the freezer and should be used as soon as possible. Shelf life: 12 months. The manual for the appropriate use is included.

Yoghurt culture Sacco Y 0.82 B is  in 1UC (for 100 liter of milk), 5UC (for 500 liter of milk) and in 10 UC available (for 1000 liter of milk).

Application example: soft cheese, semi-hard cheese

Order numberDescriptionPrice
F002675MS 0.62 CM-1 UC, soft-cheese cultureEUR 4,68
F002676MS 0.62 CM-5 UC, soft-cheese cultureEUR 6,20
F002677MS 0.62 CM-10 UC, soft-cheese cultureEUR 11,82
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