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NEW! SACCO Protective cultures

The protective cultures Lyofast LPR A and Lyofast LC 4P1 help to keep the quality of your dairy products at the highest level.
The selected strains help to protect your products from unwanted influences and thus increase their durability.

The freeze-dried direct starter protection culture Lyofast LPR A provides protection against unwanted micro-organisms in fermented dairy products such as e.g. Yoghurt, sour cream, sour milk, cream cheese and all other semi-firm and firm cheeses.


The freeze-dried direct starter protection culture Lyofast Lactobacillus casei LC 4P1 provides protection against Clostridia-related late bloating. Prevents butyric acid fermentation by forming a secondary flora. At high Clostridienwerten or persistent problems, the dosage can also be increased.


Available in 10 UC for 1,000 liters of milk.

The cultures must be stored tightly closed in the freezer at -18 ° C - use packs as soon as possible. Shelf life: 12 months.

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